Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food


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Give your kitten a healthy start with Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food. With your kitty’s increasing energy levels, growing bones and muscles, and developing teeth, she needs a different kind of nutrition than a younger would. That’s why this special formula features the perfect mix of highly digestible proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals to help support your kitties maturing digestive system and keep her growing body strong. It also includes an exclusive blend of antioxidants to support her developing immune system. Plus, the small, easy-to-chew kibble is made specifically for your kitten’s tiny mouth.

Key Benefits

  • Kitten dry cat food formulated for the second stage of kittenhood—between 4 months and 1 year.
  • Supports your kitten’s immune system development with a special blend of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Includes a unique combination of highly digestible proteins, fibers and prebiotics to help aid your older kitten’s developing digestive systems.
  • Delivers a mix of proteins, minerals and vitamins to meet the high-energy needs of this stage in your cat’s growth.
  • Small kibble texture is easy to chew, making it perfect for your kitten’s mouth and emerging teeth.


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