Greenies Smartbites Skin & Fur Chicken for Cats 2.1oz


Cats can fill an encyclopedia with reasons they deserve to be rewarded, but let’s face it… only one reason really matters: because…

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Treat and bond with your cat while providing essential health benefits. FELINE GREENIES™ SMARTBITES® Healthy Skin & Fur Cat Treats are not indulgent, empty calories. This delicious, dual-textured treat contains natural ingredients to nourish your cat’s skin and help maintain healthy fur.

Healthy Skin & Fur – This veterinarian-designed treat helps give your cat soft, shiny fur and supple skin, which are visible signs of overall health.

Features Fish Oil – Fish oil, along with whole ground flaxseed, provides a rich, natural source of omega-3 fatty acids to help nourish the skin and maintain healthy fur.

Natural Ingredients – Our treats are made with natural ingredients, including natural fibers, premium proteins and fish oil, for health benefits other cat treats can’t offer.

Real Proteins – Our dual-textured treats come in two delicious flavors. Real salmon protein enhances the taste, and real chicken protein promotes a healthy metabolism.


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